General Questions

Yes, we do print custom files. Please email your .stl file to for a quote.

A standard 32mm miniature costs R75-R140. Please email your models to for and accurate quote.


No, we do not currently ship overseas.

All prints are print to order and take 7-14 days to complete. Expect longer wait times for larger orders. Shipping takes 2-4 business days.

We use the Courier guy to ship all parcels. You can also chose to collect your order at our offices. Please inform us before collecting.


It depends on the creator and the product. We can scale any of the models to you desired size and can do some personalization. Please send us an email at to discuss your custom requests.

Some minis are printed as one piece, sperate from the base. However many are printed in multiple pieces and require you to glue them together. We recommend a gel super glue for small pieces and a 2 part epoxy to glue larger pieces. Due to shrinkage of the resin, some items will need to be filled with putty to smooth out any visible cracks.

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